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A product range designed for the modern female athlete, the AMPHI bikini range will keep you feeling comfortable and stylish while you take part in your favourite water-based exercise. The dynamic chlorine-withstanding Infinitex Fitness Eco fabrics provide the necessary support for whichever kind of aqua fitness training you choose. Whether it’s swimming, beach volleyball, yoga, surfing or another kind of sand-based training, you’ll be ready to push your athletic limits and explore a newfound lease of versatility.

Supportive tops and bottoms

With industry-leading bra design, the range of adidas AMPHI tops provides ultimate support with anti-bounce strap backing and moulded cups. These tops boast strong mesh material and innovative padding to ensure that you feel comfortable at all times while exercising. The collection includes tops that have removable pads, offering the chance to tailor your bikini to fit you perfectly. Medium support and non-absorbent silicone pads mean you’re prepared to transition from water- to land-based sports without needing a change of outfit. Adjustable straps will have your shoulders feeling more flexible than ever before and you’ll find that you can shift effortlessly from swimming strokes to volleyball spikes in the same top.

Whether you’re looking for mid-rise, full tights or low-rise bikini bottoms, AMPHI has you sorted with a broad range of fits that are suitable for the beach. The adidas AMPHI bottoms make the most of recycled yarn materials that stay in place during exercise and maintain a firm, moulded fit.

Take your athleticism from the beach to the pool without fear of damaging your kit thanks to Infinitex Fitness Eco. The chlorine-resilient material allows you to exercise with peace of mind, knowing that all AMPHI products are designed for use in a range of environmental conditions. The fabric also boasts UPF 50+ UV protection, so you can smash that outdoor training programme knowing your skin is being taken care of.